Contemporary and Modern Homes

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Although the look of simple, modern design is appealing to many, it may feel somewhat cold and sterile as a living environment. Arrow-wood Homes complements modern design with the use of natural wood structural elements in places where steel, aluminum, concrete or concealed laminated beams might otherwise have been used. We avoid the merely decorative use of wood, but ensure that it is an honest and integral part of the structural fabric of our designs.

Our approach to the use of timbers on modern designs celebrates the interplay of metal fasteners, tensile elements, glass, stone and other components. The use of wood as a material permits a more natural flow of interior to exterior, allowing the house to be an intrinsic part of its natural environment.

The aesthetic approach taken may be pure modernist, post-modern, 'organic' or eco-utilitarian. What's crucial is that we know how to make wood 'sing and dance' in these homes.

One of our most dramatic architectural collaborations is with the Spanish architect Alberto Rubio. His homes are entirely unique forms and speak to a vibrant and soaring imagination. For those who feel their aspirations for a timber home would benefit from working with this kind of visionary, we can facilitate the process.

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