Rescued Timber Homes

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We offer our services in finding, re-purposing, reconstructing and extending traditional timber structures to those who appreciate the labor, love and history that they represent. The joy of being able to reside in a home that is based around an entire hand-hewn, century-old, smoke-mellowed Japanese farmhouse; or a sawn-slab 1870s Canadian log home; or perhaps a traditional Chinese country residence is a unique opportunity for the discerning few.

Our resources and contacts for rescued traditional timber structures are diverse and worldwide. These opportunities may require extensive research, travel, and then decisive action. We are not offering a few old re-purposed barns, which are widely available in the market -- our rescued buildings are major cultural artifacts that will require time, money and skilful negotiation to relocate to a new site and a new future in the U.S. Our partners overseas may wish to interview the propective purchaser to discern whether the future use and location is appropriate, and we must take care to respect their cultural expectations.

For those who want to live in the unique architectural environment of a traditional Japanese home without the complication and expense of finding an authentic old structure, we can design a new home that is as faithful to the minka (farmhouse) or sukiya (teahouse) style as you prefer.

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