Traditional Timber Frame Homes

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In North America, timber framing is a modern revival of a traditional craft that never died out in Europe or Japan. The methods used are a blend of historical and practical adaptations that have created a unique 'tradition' which Arrow-wood Homes is proud to follow. The key elements are:

One feature of 'traditional' timber framing that is uniquely North American is the practice of enclosing a timber frame with an energy-efficient SIPS panel system. This allows timber homes to have a diverse range of exterior finishes that can express the timber frame within by including exterior timber elements, or deliberately 'blend in' with the neighborhood's architectural style.

Arrow-wood's traditional designs can take advantage of the fact that the SIPS panels are a structural wall and roof system. A hybrid design that features timber framing in the great room and other public areas of the house, but is SIPS-framed in the rest of the home, provides a great money-saving option.

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